SEO and Website design - The Key to Increasing visitor count and Business Branding

Honolulu SEO
Tha harsh truth to setting up a successful online business is to get the maximum amount of targeted traffic as you can to your web page. However, this is easier in theory because there is not one strategy it is possible to apply. Website owners do consider SEO since it helps climb google rankings, but web design is a component that is often neglected. It is just worked on for the sake of aesthetics.

Honolulu SEO
If you wish to know how SEO and web site design can impact your growth potential as a business, you should continue reading.

Good Website Design

Web design determines user experience, hence, is critical. Bad user experience will eat into traffic.

Load time - Layout, design, the visuals and design elements have a major say in how rapid your website loads. Slow-loading websites are a major put off. Research has shown that people wait for only 3-5 seconds for a page to load. When it doesn't, they switch.

Layout - Very busy and complex layouts complicate the eye. How you structure your articles also affects your ability to built trust. Important content needs to be visible at a glance; put it front and center. Having to click through repeatedly can get very annoying. Keep everything readily available.

Visuals, font and colors - It is advised that you do not use stock photography. Also, don't use too many visuals onpage; it gives a cluttered look. Avoid premade templates; work with a designer to craft a design that reflects the motto and practices of the business. Small and excessively cursive font styles take time and effort to read. The color scheme you decide on should not be too jarring nor to dull. Maintain the look and feel consistent throughout. Use colors strategically across your internet site with bolder colors for headlines.

Mobile optimization - Because of the multi-functionality of smartphones, we use it for making phone calls, texting, chatting, checking emails and web browsing as well. Hence, responsiveness to mobile platforms may be the watchword. Otherwise, you will have to setup and maintain two sites and it can get quite overwhelming.

Pop-up advertisements - Even though you are looking to monetize your site with all those ads, it's distracting if someone suddenly pops up when you were engrossed in reading. Should you must include ads, have them in prominent places although not where they would interfere with other activity.

Use HTML5 to boost page views.
When designing your website, opt for design trends that may stand the test of energy; those you won't have to keep upgrading.


Search engine marketing (SEO) takes care of the content aspect of your website. It is the SEO practices that will get you exposure on engines like google.

To start with, create rich content, that's informative, easy to understand, authentic and reliable.

As opposed to saying everything on a single page, plan a particular topic for each page. Target a specific keyword for every page. This strategy helps because the search results bots crawl in one page to the next when indexing websites.

Look up the list of high ranking keywords for your respective niche and will include them in post-content and meta-tags. It should also be included in the title and Meta description. Keywords strengthen your content to be found.

Separation your content so that it is much easier to read. Use bullets and numbering. Use subheadings so that website visitors can choose what they need to read rather than having to read everything. Divide the information into paragraphs.